SORT is a multidisciplinary project with an independent zine at its core; extending to film, exhibitions, events, styling, casting and creative direction for print and digital. Founded in 2015 by London-based Joseph Delaney and Matt King and included in the worldwide community of THE FACE magazine.
For enquiries please contact: info@sort-studio.co.uk
Events & Exhibitions
SORT x 1909 x Dilara Findikoglu: Submit Control
Paris Fashion Week, September 2019
SORT: Print Fair
London, May 2019
SORT ZINE: Issue 4 Launch
LN-CC, London, February 2019
SORT: DROME Film Launch with Brooke Candy & Naked
London, January 2019
London Short Film Festival: 5 Days of Darkness
Regent Street Cinema, London, September 2018
SORT: Sound & Noise
Space_31, Berlin, June 2018
SORT: The Cult Film Launch
London, November 2017
SORT ZINE: Issue 3 Launch
London, June 2017
SORT ZINE: Issue 2 Launch
Ditto, London, October 2016
SORT Curates: Gaika Roundhouse
Ditto, London, October 2016
SORT, Stephen
Inferno Summit
A two day seminar exploring the intersections of performance art, night life, music and queerness.
London, February 2018
FYI The House Party: The Bridge Co.
London, April 2017
"SORT curates goth's most talented. London-based writer and filmmaker Joseph Delaney and stylist-cum-creative director Matt King are purveyors of all things goth. Known for their multidisciplinary output, SORT collective centres around a limited-run print zine that brings together an exploration of subcultures, with the crossover of queer, noise, industrial and techno communities around the world." — THE FACE
"Some may say goth is dead (the pun writes itself), but they're clearly not aware of the East London subculture that director Joseph Delaney and stylist Matt King are helping to thrive with their annual print publication, SORT Zine. — GARAGE
"SORT Zine’s latest issue is a full-throttle celebration of queer alternative club culture. The new issue comprised of five separate zines each centring on a photo series exploring the interplay of fashion and raw underground nightlife. From sticky-walled venues to performance art and techno producers, the issue is a cross-sectional study synced to the sound waves of London’s queer communities and nocturnal tribes." — HERO
"Join The Club: SORT Zine Unlocks the Underground" In conversation with — COMFORT ZONE
"“We saw this underground scene getting bigger; a lot of people were starting to look at the same references as us,” says Delaney. “SORT was there to make a way for us to be able to collaborate with those people.” And, though the idea of a print publication is central, King and Delaney are decidedly multidisciplinary, working across photography, club nights and film" — ANOTHER MAN
“We are the freaks, fuck ups, aliens and outsiders – join us.” These are words to live and die by from London-based SORT, a creative studio which makes films, magazines, merch, and runs club nights. Embracing a dystopian (or utopia, depends on how you look at it) landscape, the duo behind it all, Joseph Delaney and Matt King, explain, “SORT is our attempt to present a version of the world built on true free expression.” — DAZED
"Flipping through an issue of London-based SORT will leave you feeling dirty, in a good way. That's because the grungy biannual zine's chief concerns appear to be: 1. Smut and 2. Good times. It's the rebel's ultimate middle finger to the glossy perfection of conventional magazines." — The 10 Most Wild and Wonderful Zines of 2016  i-D
"The one thing zines have on the mainstream publishing industry is that they strive to create a universe for their readers to exist in. And perhaps no one does it better than SORT – the brainchild of Joseph Delaney and Matt King." — The Homegrown Mags You Should Have Been Reading This Year, 2016" DAZED
"Using 'severe' as a jump off point, wordless pages feature voyeuristic, lo-fi shots that feel like they’ve been developed from a disposable camera found in the corner of a fetish club" — DAZED
"This zine is capturing the gritty reality of London’s noisy underground - Issue two takes their severe aesthetic further, the pair consciously approaching the project with the intention of holding nothing back." — HERO
"SORT zine’s fine-tune to detail and stickability to unveil the undercurrent of London, is exactly what makes the work of these two Londoners so credible." — Glamcult